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A Kind of Praise 

Verse 1:    Welcome kids! Healthy American boys and girls,
                   Come on down and get into the game with all the world.
                   And, if you don't, you're nothing.
                   Nothing will become of you.

Verse 2:    Eliminate the outcasts and the introverts.
                   Now's the time to classify. We have to sort
                   The losers from the winners.
                   Who'll endure? Who'll fall behind?

Chorus:     Brother, what team are you gonna play on this year?
                   Will you date a girl who'll give you your own personal cheer?
                   Sorry for the way I raze.
                   It's really just a kind of praise.

Verse 3:    Summer's done. It's time to gather at the school.
                   Come on down! Let's find out who's really cool.
                   Here's the way to do it.
                   We'll terrorize the kids who aren't


Chorus:     Brother, what friends are you gonna hang out with this year?
                   Will they throw you parties, and keep you supplied well with beer?
                   Sorry if I seem crazed.
                   It's really just a kind of praise.

Verse 4:    Socialize. Have a party have a dance.
                   This is it. Got to ostracize while we've the chance.
                   Push the uglies and the dweebs outside the clan.
                   They don't belong.

Outtro:       Meanwhile, we the banished are people, too.

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