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2012 12-21 (The Album)

2012 12-21 tracks are freely available at the following links, but help yourself to the PayPal links, if you wish. These are the first 3 completed tracks from a 32+ track album. More tracks will be added every month, and can be purchased here for just fifty thenths per track. (That's $0.50 american dollares a song)... Or, you can wait 'til all 32+ are completed and pick them up at iTunes, or Amazon, but if I can save you a few bucks in the interest of listening to some Ded Serius music, I'm gonna do that.

Meanwhile, freely sample the following, and if you don't like these tunes, move on. If you do, however, click this Van's Fans link to be notified when new tracks are added to the space. Thank you for supporting original music!

-Van 2012-12-22 00:51:20 MST


Fear of Success was created with the help of Layden "Pantaloni di Cuoio" 'Derek' Robinson, Ryan Baker, Jason Southard, Michael Bolenbach, Marcus Weeden, Tom Hurst, Chris Forenz, Petra Southard, Mindy Nilson, Diana Lee, Jimi Powers, Ron Massey, Amy Frazier, Phil Janzen, Jeff Leece, Jacob Green, John Vick and countless others.

Thanks for checking in.. -- 2012-03-03 17:47:05 MST

Fear of Success can be found on iTunes here. MySpace site is here. DedSerius is also on Facebook follow the progress to the end of the Mayan calendar on Twitter. Listen to Ded Batteries cover tunes on SoundCloud, such as Blowin' in the Wind, Eleanor Rigby, Another Brick in the Wall (Part II), and more to come.

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See You Tonight - Kiss - MTV Unplugged
3/15/2015 MST 3:42 PM
Circles - Ded Serius - Ded Serius (2004)
3/15/2015 MST 3:37 PM
Escape - Prince - Hits/The B-Sides (Disc 1)
3/15/2015 MST 3:34 PM
Talking On The Moon - The Plump Tones - Brown Chicken, Brown Cow
3/15/2015 MST 3:29 PM
Nebraska - Bruce Springsteen - The Essential Bruce Spri...
3/15/2015 MST 3:25 PM
Wherever I May Roam - Metallica - Metallica
3/15/2015 MST 3:18 PM
Old Man - ZZ Top - Six Pack Disc 1
3/15/2015 MST 2:59 PM
Jingle Bell Rock - Bobby Helms - 20 Christmas Favorites
3/15/2015 MST 2:53 PM
Maydelle - Allman Brothers Band - Hittin the Note
3/15/2015 MST 2:48 PM
La Bamba - Los Lobos - n/a
3/15/2015 MST 2:40 PM
Colin Hay – I Just Don't Think I'll Ever Get Over You
3/19/2015 MST 11:57 PM
Beyoncé – Mine
3/19/2015 MST 11:53 PM
Howard Jones – Hide and Seek
3/19/2015 MST 11:38 PM
The Cars – Moving In Stereo
3/19/2015 MST 11:33 PM
Foreigner – Dirty white boy (2008 remastered LP version)
3/19/2015 MST 11:28 PM
Tom Petty – Wildflowers
3/19/2015 MST 11:24 PM
The Doobie Brothers – Long Train Running
3/19/2015 MST 11:10 PM
Colin Hay – Overkill
3/19/2015 MST 11:06 PM
Leroy – Away
3/19/2015 MST 11:03 PM
The Cars – Dangerous Type
3/19/2015 MST 10:58 PM
Top 40
Year Ending March 1st, 2015 by Total Play Time.
_1. Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata (03/2002) 838185s Stream Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata
_2. Living in a Cartoon (07/2004) 111424s Stream Living in a Cartoon
_3. Desert Sky (01/2004) 63718s Stream Desert Sky
_4. Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata (02/2007) 61036s Stream Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata
_5. Pour No Water (04/1997) 50184s Stream Pour No Water
_6. I Believe (08/1997) 34121s Stream I Believe
_7. Dreamer (04/1997) 29121s Stream Dreamer
_8. Wasted Tears (04/1997) 28453s Stream Wasted Tears
_9. Living in a Cartoon (12/2006) 21510s Stream Living in a Cartoon
10. Desert Sky (03/2005) 19508s Stream Desert Sky
11. Just a Dream (04/1997) 19352s Stream Just a Dream
12. Living in a Cartoon (04/1997) 18970s Stream Living in a Cartoon
13. Focus (08/1997) 17983s Stream Focus
14. People Just Want To Dance (09/2004) 16514s Stream People Just Want To Dance
15. Violet Blues (07/2004) 16186s Stream Violet Blues
16. Wasted Tears (05/2005) 13998s Stream Wasted Tears
17. Seems I'll (08/1997) 13807s Stream Seems I'll
18. Jonesin' for You (07/2004) 13127s Stream Jonesin' for You
19. Fear of Success (07/2004) 12529s Stream Fear of Success
20. Fear of Success (04/1997) 12012s Stream Fear of Success
21. Never Dream Alone (08/1997) 11900s Stream Never Dream Alone
22. World War III (05/2005) 11582s Stream World War III
23. Seems I'll (07/2004) 11455s Stream Seems I'll
24. White Rose (08/1997) 10924s Stream White Rose
25. World War III (08/2004) 10818s Stream World War III
26. Van's Blues (08/1997) 10759s Stream Van's Blues
27. Black Ball (04/1997) 10082s Stream Black Ball
28. Guitar (01/2001) 10016s Stream Guitar
29. Friend in the Shadows (08/1997) 9900s Stream Friend in the Shadows
30. Dreamer (05/2005) 9809s Stream Dreamer
31. Riffs (04/1997) 9743s Stream Riffs
32. Pour No Water (03/2003) 9192s Stream Pour No Water
33. New Years Day (04/1997) 8895s Stream New Years Day
34. Ostracising the Ostrich (01/2003) 8869s Stream Ostracising the Ostrich
35. Pour No Water (05/2002) 8618s Stream Pour No Water
36. Walkin' Away (04/1997) 7975s Stream Walkin' Away
37. To Be Near the Sea (08/1997) 7855s Stream To Be Near the Sea
38. Pour No Water (10/2001) 7823s Stream Pour No Water
39. Violet Blues (04/1997) 7783s Stream Violet Blues
40. Focus (09/2004) 7398s Stream Focus

The links below will probably take you to some musically useful places: 

Rabid Van Fan!!  The official initial unofficial Ded Serius Music resource.  Home of the "Rabid Van Fan" series of pages.  You can find anecdotal "Van-isms, Van-aganda" and analyses of the songs of Ded Serius here.  You can also find the "remote control lawnmower, or maybe robotic (possibly not a good idea :) projects!"
johngutting*photography: The original photographic works of John Gutting.
The Great Gig in the Sky:   5 phenomenal artists presenting a tribute to the Pink Floyd.  So you think you'd like to go to the show.  Hit the link on the left to find out if and when you can. 
Layden Robinson:   Compelling content and presentation.  Layden writes incredible songs and presents his work clearly whether it's with the Poetic Army, or alone on stage with his guitar.
Chain Link Faith:  Chain Link Faith is a heavy, dual guitar driven rock band based out of Phoenix Arizona. Formed in October, 1999, the band consists of Jimi Powers on guitar and vocals, Mike Bolenbach on guitar and backing vocals, Phil Janzen on drums and percussion, and Thomas Michael Collins on bass guitar.
Kane: Christian Kane and a couple artists you'll see referenced around here more than once. 

Turkestan Road:  

"Turkestan Road is a progressive - alternative rock band, in the mold of Zeppelin, Tull, A Perfect Circle, & STP. We also stirred some Celtic and middle eastern - styled melodies and rhythms in for a more exotic effect." -- Mike Lofton

Graydon is a band. They play rock n' roll. Formed in the fall of 2008, Graydon has developed a high-energy, harmony-rich sound blending the music of the 60?s with today?s rock (once described as ‘somewhere between the Beatles and the Black Keys’).

In only one year, they have played six packed shows at L.A.?s famed Hotel Café, showcased at the 2009 South by Southwest Music Festival in Austin, Texas and the 2009 CMJ Music Fest in NYC, booked two tours on the East Coast of America and recorded their debut album. Graydon recently finished work on their debut album which can be found online on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby and streaming on Pandora.

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Ded Serius is based out of Phoenix, Arizona (AZ).

All cover songs have been removed from the site and catalog for legal reasons.  Please check the Calendar if you'd like to hear Ded Serius renditions of cover songs, including:  Sultans Of Swing: Dire Straits; Linus And Lucy: Snoopy Theme; Comfortably Numb & Another Brick In The Wall: Pink Floyd; Hurt: Johnny Cash (NiN Cover); Heard It In A Love Song: Marshall Tucker Band; the Boxer: Paul Simon; In Cars:: Gary Numan; Sugar Mountain & Heart of Gold: Neil Young; Riders On The Storm: Doors; Linus And Lucy: Snoopy Theme; and dozens more...

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