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The following CDs have been produced or are currently in production.  Some of the challenges of the Ded Serius Project are in the size of the catalogue (over 150 songs) and the evolution of the recording/production process over the years.  This is why some of the songs recorded for Wasted Tears were later reproduced as part of the Fear of Success or other project. The little button () next to some of the tracks indicates there are more than one version of this song; better production, more interesting players, better performance, whatever.  Additionally, as a performing artist, many of these tracks have been reproduced acoustically for demo purposes.  

Feel free to stream any, all, parts of these tracks as you please (can tolerate).  You can also purchase complete CDs as indicated by the PayPal button.  Purchasing these CDs ensures focus will be on writing new material, and practicing and producing existing material as opposed to waiting tables and otherwise wasting time on projects that may, or may not be less interesting to you.  Thanks for your interest and for your support of independent music.  

All works are copyright various years by Van and Ded Serius Music.

Ded Serius has produced the following CDs

Fear of Success
Is about finishing something grand  

Artists:  Michael Bolenbach, Ryan Baker, Jason Southard, Marcus Weeden, Jimi Powers, Layden Robinson, Mindy Nilson, and Van.

You can find these tracks all over this site, but the Fear tracks won't appear in sequence any time soon, so sign the mailing list on the left, if you care enough about the 12 tracks that will complete this time-consuming project, to be notified when it finally prints.  You can hear some of the samples in the additional version listings for some of the Wasted Tears tunes.

Production is being finalized at Full Well and Argonaut Studios in Phoenix and Gilbert Arizona, respectively.

Tales of Varmints from Rugrats (next production)
A celebration of animals and life from behind the eyes of children.
  • The Man in the Rock
  • Driving Through Puddles
  • Boscoe, the One-Eyed Squirrel (lyrics)
  • Bulltwinkle the Elk
  • Daddy Long-leg Above me on the Wall
  • The Pigs on the Porch
  • Cottonball!!!
  • Scooter's Bad Day
Jonesin' for You
An exploration of imagination and alternative viewpoints 
1. Desert Sky mp3/mp3s/DesertSky20031222.mp3
2. Jonesin' for You mp3/mp3s/JonesinForYouX.20040724.mp3
3. Violet Blues mp3/mp3s/VioletBlues20040729.mp3
4. World War III mp3/mp3s/WorldWarIII20040814.mp3
5. People Just Want To Dance mp3/mp3s/PeopleJustWantToDance20040915.mp3
More Versions Available Indicates there are other recordings of this song.
Seeks to derive from lessons past a way to find a central theme in such lessons.
Released August 31, 1998
1. Focus mp3/mp3s/focus.mp3
2. Never Dream Alone mp3/mp3s/never_dream_alone.mp3
3. My Place mp3/mp3s/my_place.mp3
4. A Kind of Praise mp3/mp3s/AKindOfPraise.mp3
5. Van's Blues mp3/mp3s/vans_blues.mp3
6. I Believe mp3/mp3s/i_believe.mp3
7. To Be Near the Sea mp3/mp3s/to_be_near_the_sea.mp3
8. White Rose mp3/mp3s/white_rose.mp3
9. Twenty-One mp3/mp3s/twenty-one.mp3
10. Fixation mp3/mp3s/Fixation.mp3
11. Just Past Never mp3/mp3s/JustPastNever.mp3
12. Real mp3/mp3s/real.mp3
13. Circles mp3/mp3s/Circles.mp3
14. And, Then mp3/mp3s/and_then.mp3
15. In Cars
16. Riders On The Storm
More Versions Available Indicates there are other recordings of this song.
*CD will be made available as a complete set of mp3s for download. Contact me for shipment of Focus CD with Artwork for $10.99 + $3 s/h
Ostracising the Ostrich
Ostrich and a couple other tunes that were covered on Wasted Tears.  2 New tunes that haven't been presented anywhere else. 
Released August 10, 1998
1. Ostracising the Ostrich mp3/mp3s/ostrich_ost.mp3
2. Seems I'll mp3/mp3s/seemsill_ost.mp3
3. Somethin' mp3/mp3s/somethin_ost.mp3
4. Friend in the Shadows mp3/mp3s/Friend_In_The_Shadows.mp3
5. Newfound Promises mp3/mp3s/Newfound_Promises.mp3
More Versions Available Indicates there are other recordings of this song.
*CD will be made available as a complete set of mp3s for download. Contact me for shipment of Ostracising the Ostrich CD with Artwork for $7.99 + $3 s/h
Wasted Tears
CD about not letting single lost loves inspire defeat.  
Released April 10, 1997
1. Seems I'll mp3/mp3s/seemsill.mp3
2. Wasted Tears mp3/mp3s/wastedte.mp3
3. Pour No Water mp3/mp3s/pourno.mp3
4. Black Ball mp3/mp3s/blckball.mp3
5. Somethin' mp3/mp3s/somethin.mp3
6. Violet Blues mp3/mp3s/violtblu.mp3
7. Just a Dream mp3/mp3s/jstdream.mp3
8. Living in a Cartoon mp3/mp3s/livecart.mp3
9. Ostracising the Ostrich mp3/mp3s/ostrich.mp3
10. Walkin' Away mp3/mp3s/walkaway.mp3
11. Fear of Success mp3/mp3s/fearofsc.mp3
12. Dreamer mp3/mp3s/dreamer.mp3
13. New Years Day mp3/mp3s/wwbotb.mp3
14. L'Hermitage mp3/mp3s/lhermita.mp3
15. Riffs mp3/mp3s/riffs.mp3
16. Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2)
17. Comfortably Numb
More Versions Available Indicates there are other recordings of this song.
*CD will be made available as a complete set of mp3s for download. Contact me for shipment of Wasted Tears CD with Artwork for $10.99 + $3 s/h

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