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Michel Verdier

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Boscoe, the One-Eyed Squirrel 

Up on a branch, Boscoe seeks a chance. 
The oak tree nearby holds a tray of peanuts.
A crowd of squirrels scurry for their turn.
Winter last bad luck came to pass.
While gathering acorns, Boscoe lost his left eye
In a scuffle with a lynx amid the ferns.

Most other beings use both eyes for seeing.
Boscoe only sees things on the right side.
Though on his left his ear hears very well.
From his perch above a trailer porch
Waiting while a woman hands out bird seed
For some kerns of corn and bird seeds in seed shells.

One-eyed Boscoe runs the branches in this two-eyed forest world.
Takes his chances; fights his battles handicapped by two-eyed squirrels;
Skirting dangers on his left and seeing keenly on his right;
You go Boscoe! Make way for Boscoe as he walks this world with half his sight.

And, now hes fed, he wants to make a bed.
All the trees are occupied with bird nests.
Finds an Attic in a cabin and old blue jeans.
The jeans with sharp teeth cuts to build a hut.
He nestles in his new home starts to snoring.
The folks below hear Boscoe as he dreams.

One-eyed Boscoe in the attic sleeps away his forest cares.
Thinking squirrel thoughts absent lynxes, two-eyed squirrels and scary bears;
Dreaming two-eyed dreams of days gone by when Boscoe had full sight.
Sleep tight, Boscoe; rest now Boscoe; be at peace this squirrel night.


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