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And, Then 

Verse 1:     This irritating situation I've got myself into.
                    What's even more annoying 's that I did this all for you.
                    I find myself far more reluctant to even try this shit again.

Verse 2:     All this flowery crap, at first, and unrelenting sex.
                    Once I was naïve, now I com pletely know what's next.
                    It's a scam from the beginning, 'til she knows you're hers, and then.....

Chorus:      The sex stops. The lovin' goes away.
                    You don't talk, and, all the friends you had have gone away.

Verse 3:     I've only gone through this shit twice, it won't repeat itself.
                    These harleqinnesque romances can sit upon their shelves.
                    Give me a girl who'll match tequila shots and swallow with a smile.


Verse 4:     You're always gonna pay for it, love don't come for free.
                    Girl's are never simple and will never let you be.
                    I have yet to meet one who can lie to me with style.

Chorus:      She sighs; stops and stares in her tracks,
                    You smile.  She purrs to you, then attacks.

Verse 5:     It won't ever get serius, un less you fall apart.
                    It's always only temporary, then she breaks your heart.
                    It's always just illusion, 'til you get to know her, then you drink all day.

Verse 6:     She powders in the bathroom, seems she's been in there for weeks.
                    She finally emerges with a Perfume trail that reeks.
                    You wonder why she works this hard to look this good.
                    It's girl's night out, today.

Chorus:       "Wake up." You smell her drunken breath.
                    "I'm horny," she says, Do you smell some guy's cologne on her neck.

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