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Desert Sky

Verse 1:        It's a good thing                                             My sleeping bag's thick. 
                       Itís cold and the coyote's howling loudly.     
                       Think Iím resting on a stick. † 

Verse 2:        Got no radio.                                                 There ain't a soul in sight. 
                       The fire's about to die. I'm gettin' sleepy. 
                       It's a desert night. 

Chorus 1:      I gaze at violet horizons.  Sonora night sky. 
                       When I left you back in Phoenix, I swore that you would cry.
                       You are everything I have, but you just don't have a clue.
                       I had to get away to the desert sky.  

Verse 3:        Me and my truck.                                             Come a long, long way. 
                       Iím surrounded here by cacti and some rattlers. 
                       Nothin' else to do but stay. 
Verse 4:        The river runs dry.                                             Could be all in my head. 
                       I could swear it ran so swiftly, but somehow, sometime, last night, 
                       It went dead. 
Chorus 2:      This ain't country/western music. I would sooner die. 
                       'Cause my girl's a punk rocker with pierced ears in her eyes 
                       She don't ride horses, but she done rode me and hard. 
                       All that's left is memories and the desert sky.
Verse 5:        I've said what I've said.                                    But, I still want you bad.
                       I can't get you off my mind, no matter what I 
                       Do or think. I can't stay mad. {no, no, no}
Chorus 3:      I sighed and said goodbye to the morning sky 
                       'Cause I'm coming back to you.  I'm gonna take another try. 
                       You are quite possibly the only girl who can make me feel this way. 
                       Beats the hell out of cactus and the desert sky.

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