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Friend in the Shadows

Verse 1:         Jen is a message, a thought meant to send.

                        She soaks in the baths of those thoughts she can easily mend.

                        She sits in the shadows, and watches me aimlessly fend.

Verse 2:         Shackled by facts. Unburdened by ties.

                        Nothing is permanent.  There is no reason to lie.

                        She tackles the aimlessmost thoughts in the midst of her dreams         {they’re just dreams}.

 Chorus:         No one writes those songs for her, no one keeps lost notes of words that they’ve sent her.

                        Nobody thinks of the meaningless ways their deep thought's have puzzled her.

                        Never hearing anything one way; never knowing another.

                        She sit's by the window and watches the stars fall, wondering if she should continue to wonder.

                        Maybe she'll never know for sure. Knowing it's all on her.  It's all on her.


 Verse 3:         Jennifer told you, what little she knew.

                        Sometimes too confident.  Sometimes misconstrued

                        Observing was futile, there's little right, now, she can do.

 Outtro:            Nothing is permanent, Some things aren’t sent

                        All things happen for a reason, all you own, you were lent.

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