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Just Past Never

Verse 1:     Today, a friend of mine and I were talking; passing time.
                    He asked me what was meaningful to me.

Verse 2:     "From what I've come across," I said, "Truth is such an albatross.
                    An honest friend would be enough, I think, for me."

Chorus 1:   I know forever I was unaware.                                  {I had her there.}
                    And, just past never, I might find her there.             {She may be there.}

Verse 2:     It's been so long, I know, that I just ought to let it go.
                    I can't pretend as though she never was.


Chorus 2:    She may not ever come to terms with me.                   {to terms with us.}
                    And, just past never lies serenity.                            {And, dust yields dust.}

Verse 3:     I may not ever find her, and, guilt, my friend, my sole reminder.
                    They say it's immaterial, but not to me.

Chorus 3:   If I had ever known how lost I'd be.                             {when I passed never.}
                    When I find never, I just hope you see.                    {I meant forever.}

Forever means forever

Together lasts past never

I seek forever

I seek for you...

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