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Ded Serius Music - Twenty-One Ded Serius


Verse 1:     Woke up this morning, sun is shining brightly just like yesterday.
                    Got five Franklins in my pocket gonna spend it on myself in anyway.

Chorus 1:   Twenty-one.
                    It's my birthday, and I'm out to have some fun.
                    Yo! I'm twenty-one, mon.

Verse 2:     I walked up to the door of the night club, bouncer says, "Your under-age."
                    So, I showed him my I.D. Said, "I'm thirsty and, tonight, I'm gonna rage."

Chorus 2:   I'm twenty-one.
                    Jes, mon. I'm twenty-one.
                    I'm twenty-one.
                    I wanna beer because today, I just turned 21.

Verse 3:     I sat next to the choicest girl in all the place. It's said I have cajonas. {big ones, baby}
                    I told the man behind the bar to serve me up a lime and dos Coronas.


Verse 4:     I turned towards the girl and I said, "Have a beer. Coronas are good luck."
                    And, then, our eyes met. And, as she searched my soul, she said, "Let's go"

Chorus 3:   And, we did.
                    On a fine night that I turned a-twenty-one.
                    We partied 'til the break of dawn.

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