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Van's Blues

Verse 1:     Hit rock bottom. Blew my final chance.
                    Can't get too much these days when I try my song and dance.
                    Headin' eastbound to a place I've been before.
                    Grand Rapids, Michigan is my only open door.

Chorus 1:   Can't burn the bridges, way too much to lose.
                    Van's in the gutter with the blues.

Verse 2:     Welcome to the Middle-West. Looks about the same.
                    Sure hope I can change the game with a different name.
                    In my room, laid in my bed and thought.
                    Sure hope my future's better, better than what I got.

Chorus 2:   Pick up the pieces. Start to pay the dues.
                    Or, Van, you'll be buried in your blues.


Verse 3:     There comes a time in all our lives when things get out of hand.
                    You know you've got to change some things, gotta make a stand.
                    Once, I got the picture, and looked hard at myself.
                    I realized that I'm the only one to turn for help.

Chorus 3:   Set my course for success, and "can't doe's" won't excuse.
                    I'm destined to be rid of Van's blues.


Chorus 4:    I put it all together, and, you know I've paid my dues.
                    This life is much too short to sing the blues.

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