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Violet Blues

Violet Blues. Silent screams.
You know you’ve been used. You’ve had the bad dreams.

Talk to me, silence. You won’t hear a thing.
Nothing of substance.
Nothing that’s real, nothing that you can feel.
Nothing that’s anything.

Stare at me, blindness. See in a dream.
Chaos is stillness.
Chaos is pain. Chaos is sane.
Chaos is seemlessly free.

Violet Blues. Violently tame.
Violent riches. Violent hate. Violence without a name

Speak to me silence. Sing to me pain.
Stifled and voiceless.
Stifled a victim. Stifled and dim.
But, stifling feelings remain.

Violet Blues. Crimson and haze.
Borders on clovers. Borders on sage. Cornered and deluded with rage.

Feel me, you’re senseless. Feel me, you’re dead.
Gone in both senses.
Gone as a woman. Gone to all men.
Gone, but, you linger in vain.

You're gone, now.  You're gone, now.  You're gone, now.  You're gone, now.
You're gone, now.  You're gone, now.  You're gone, now.  You're gone; you're dead.


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