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World War III

Verse 1:
Look at the papers. Have you heard the news?
The media's on fire with trouble abrew.
The loonies in Afghan toppled the towers.
Spurred on our White House to redeem what was ours.

Chorus 1:
It's World War III.
Saddle up, boys, we're off to claim a victory.
Gamma rays will jump with glee in World War III.
World War III, just you wait and see.

Verse 2:
Commander in Chief puts on the schwag.
He speaks about justice. On ev'ry truck waves our flag.
We set out for Osama. Defeated Taliban rule.
Despite all our power, he rides along 6' 4" and free on his mule.

Chorus 2:
World War III.
Turn the sites a little west... The Iraqis.
Saddam's been a naughty boy, let's set his folks free.
World War III, for liberty.


Verse 3:
Hey you in the White House! Listen abroad.
You seek Texas Justice, but is your logic flawed?
America's proud, but from freedom. The Constitution, you see.
Are you suggesting without these amendments you'll be keeping us all safe and free?

Chorus 3:
World War III. No liberty.
Security lies in living; living to live and let be.
Once we are gone, our children must stay.
Let's leave them a future that gives them a chance for peace someday.

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