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Ded Serius Music - Apology Ded Serius


Words and Music By Van Boersma

(c) Copyright November  14, 2004

So long ago... So fresh in mind... I feel as though I should forget.
Let slip away, the dream we made. I've never grieved. I’m not sure why.
Maybe guilt underlies; but, I still can’t bring myself to cry.

And, your eyes are still engrained inside my head.
Wish I'd been a little less insane for you instead.
I wish I could convey this face-to-face.
One last look through your eyes would heal my faith.

So many falls through darkened halls, I’ve traveled tryin’ to shed you from my thoughts.
The only love I've truly known ended leaving vast unending space.
So many drinks and soulless souls. And, yet not one could ever take your place.

As if one could… as if by chance we’d meet again… as if I’ll ever get this off my chest.
I can’t be free from what is past, and, though you have a right to hear from me.
My love’s still deep. Maybe your love is still, too. At least, I beg, hear my apology.

Let your emerald eyes fly finally from my head.
And, leave a welcome space for someone new to find, instead.
Where ever you have gone and may now be, I pray that you’ll find this apology.


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