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Black Ball

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I gathered you up and then I lifted you down.
Felt the sizzle from my brain with such emotional sound.
You were young and fresh and beautiful and the people stared.

The moments were lost, a psychological blur.
When they took me to the fountain, you were in there with her.
You were soakin' wet and the water fell but you didn't care.

Black Ball

Standing in the shadows 'cause the lights were too bright.
I could see you in the ballroom. Such emotional sight.
Had to leave for a while, so, I went for a walk.  I got lost for a while.

I wandered for hours, or, at least so it seemed.
Couldn't even find my thoughts or the place I had been.
I was frightened then. I walked into the room and I smiled when you smiled.

Black Ball

When we found us alone, you were all I could stand.
From the smile on your face to the warmth of your hands.
It was totally bliss. Cris, you are heaven on earth. It was ecstasy.

Black Ball

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