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Fear of Success

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I notice that the cloud burst washes everything away that I once knew.
I recollect the hardships I've inflicted on she I was born unto.
All at once the guilt descends on me.
This cost is the price of living free.

Why, oh why, does hatred often get returned from love?

As the passing countryside rolls by me more miles lie between my home.
Up ahead foreboding and uncertainty call out for me to come.
Two thousand miles is far too long to run.
But, ten fold less the loneliness I've won.

The difficulty's obvious. There's no sign of cause.
I just seem to be obsessed with breaking all your laws.
The ties that bind the ones she loves
Snap due to the tension I am of.

Why, oh why, does hatred often get returned from love?

Manipulation can't be used for making people do these things for me.
I realize that effort and sincerity have to exist, I see.
I can't go on living in this mess.
There's no need to fear success.

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