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Just a Dream

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I think I need a car. I know it's bizarre,
But, I always walk so far to get to where you are.
I can hardly play the guitar. Guess I'll just get a car.

I really need a phone, Even though, I'm never home.
My hair's so hard to comb, but, I feel so all alone.
I used to get so stoned. Time to get a phone.

If you had half a brain, You'd see right through the lines
And, give me just five minutes alone with you. 

But, I don't have the money,
Even though I've loads of time. 

I'm spending all of it to say I want you.

Gotta get a job, and stop bein' such a slob.
I'm tired of gettin' robbed by the clean and wealthy mob.
I used to feel defeated, so, I'd lay down and sob.

Like all those times when thoughts of you would cloud a peaceful sleep,
I'd imagine us walking hand in hand in hand.
And, you would turn your head to me
And flash those emerald eyes.
But, then again, I guess it's only a dream.

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