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(What Will Become of This Boy)


What became of this boy?

Where did the high marks on report cards go?
There's a certain lackluster in his searching eyes.
He's autistic and distant and, sometimes he lies.
What will become of him?


Somewhere between the tragedy of a marriage gone bad
We lost him and he's always closed and, he always looks sad.
Although it's hard to grow up with one parent playin' two
Just face the fact, that half a pair's the best she can do.
Go into your world boy, 'cause it's all on you.


The scars he has won't heal.

It's somehow amazing that one child can feel pain,
More deeply than you realize, while the other seems the same.
But, the wound lies there malignant while the fam'ly thinks it's tame.
The scars take years to heal.  {many}


What has become of this boy?

Mother doesn't know just where his motives lie.
Though she suspects beneath the actions, but, that doesn't clarify
As she plods along through college so, someday she might buy
A better life for the boys.



Look at what she's become
See all that she has done.
Look at what we've become.
Be proud of all you've done.

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