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Seems I'll

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There's no method to the madness. Will I ever get in touch?
Can I clarify this turmoil? Am I carrying too much?
Will the things that used to please me ever reappear again?
God, I only have this question: Is it all that much to ask you for 
A girl who I can truly call my friend.

There's a place inside my heart. It was bright and free from care.
But, it hasn't been so bright since I cast you out of there.
And, our lives have gone their ways. Guess there's nothing left to say.
But, if someone out there's listening, take away the false hope you'll come
Back again and be with me some day.

Seems I'll love you all my life just the same as yesterday.
Seems I just can't let it go, though I try all day each day.
You can fault me for obsessing. You can wish me far away.
But, I'm proving I still love you. Remember that I promised this one day.

When the day has run it's course, does your mind drift back to me?
Do I steal into your thoughts? And, do they carry you far away?
This is all a mere reflection of these thoughts I've kept of you.
If these lines are simply musings: low on substance high on hope, just a wish.
Believe it, just believe it, then it's true.

Seems I've loved you all my life. Why'd I ever let you go?
If you never felt the same, why the hell did you tell me so?
I can't help but doubt the essence of what I was so sure I'd know.
But, you said you didn't love me. I can never love again with heart and soul.

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