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I try to clear my head out. There's cobwebs.  There is dust.
Somethin' makes my teeth hurt. My fillings all have rust.
Somethin' makes me crazy. My thoughts are all unwound.
My mind needs some respite from these thoughts that I have found.

I broke another crayon drawing on the wall.
I lost my favorite steely playing marbles in the hall.
I know I speak Pig Latin singing in this way.
I know that it sounds corny, but I ove-lay ou-yay.

Somethin' I am feeling's got me saying crazy things;
Thinking crazy thoughts, wearing crazy rings.
Somethin' I remember made me sick before,
But it feels much better. I think I feel it more.

I think I'm losing weight. My towel keeps falling down.
I put it 'round my waist, but it drops to the ground.
I'm turning on the T.V. to watch the ant race show.
The fuses in my brain have all begun to blow. I say.

Somethin' never makes sense. It seems it never does.
Seems it goes much deeper than it ever was.
Somethin' I am feeling. Maybe it will pass.
But, I hope this time maybe it will last.

Strollin' through the chimney. It's a real, tight squeeze.
But, if I should wear my wet-suit, well I can walk along with ease.
From the first I saw her; somethin' from the start
Came in through my eyes and settled on my heart.

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