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What is Ded Serius?

Well, you've probably heard the expression "Dead Serious", somewhere around 91,605 times, or thereabouts. Or, maybe not, but it's typically said when someone wishes to leave no doubt as to whether their previous remark, or disclaimer was anything less than 100% factual, poignant (undoubdtedly), and relevant to the future of the free world.

I think we take ourselves far too seriusly, in fact, and many of the songs I wrote between 19 & 25 were pretty damned goofy. There was GTI (yes about the VW), Ostricizing the Ostrich, Fixation, and many others.

But, underlying many of them, are things that are serius, that pertain to our deepest thoughts and feelings, and, many times when those notions have come to me, I sat down and wrote them into prose, and, then, composed them into song. Honestly, on a serius note, that's truly the only time I feel alive. And, it isn't until I hear what I've written completed to a form which I can lie back and listen to, that what I originally wrote touches me. Very strange, but, when it finally does, there is a feeling of satisfaction and release paralleled by nothing.

And, then after listening to what I really wanted to say to myself at that time, do I realize how truly silly I am and was to have written it to begin with, but, the meaning resides all the same. Therapy, or psychosis, you be the judge.

So, the quintessence of Ded Serius, is that it derives from the original euphemism Dead Serious, with the caveat that we should never take ourselves overly seriusly, since that isn't very fun. And, the usage of an alternate spelling of "serious" to connote an extraterrestrial message is intentional. Perhaps reading the lyrics of Living in a Cartoon would provide more insights. Then, again, perhaps not.

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